Your smartphone
for confidential conversations
Smartphone AYYA T1 has the function of hardware disconnect of modules what collect, store and transfer the data. This ensures that the data will not be obtained in an unauthorized manner and passed on to third parties.
Privacy guaranteed
Mechanical button for hardware disconnection of modules and LED for status notification
Hardware disconnecting the front and main cameras
Hardware disconnect the microphones
High performance
Big display
Display size
Dual camera for the best shots
12 MP
Rear camera
5 MP
Sub camera
13 MP
Front camera

Truly contactless
Powerful battery
The 4000 mAh battery will allow you not limit yourself in conversations, Internet surfing, using mobile applications, social networks and instant messengers all day long
AYYA T1 is available in five colors: black, blue, dark green, green and red
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All images are just illustrations.

All features and technical specifications of the smartphone are current at the time of the start of sales, but may change in the future without prior notice.

The amount of internal memory available to the user is less than the total memory of the smartphone, since part of the memory is occupied by the operating system and applications that support the operation of the device. The actual amount of user memory may depend on the network operator and after the firmware update.

Network: The supported frequency ranges may vary depending on the region and network provider.